( S C R O L L  D O W N  F O R  T H E  F R A G M E N T S )
‘Hope’ reflects the physical and mental changes I underwent during the second phase of my treatment: the removal of my breast and the reconstruction of a new breast.

In contrast to the loss of my hair – which forced me to come to terms with the notion of being a patient – this is a process in which I was confronted with the consequences of my illness, that is: losing my breast, accepting that part of my body forever will be ‘different’ than before. Nevertheless I did not experience this ‘loss’ as being negative.

I documented every change that took place in the process leading up to a new breast. Every photograph is a moment that brings the transformation of my breast one step closer to its completion. With these photographs I aim to show how I experienced the loss of my breast: specifically as a transition instead of a loss. For this reason I faded the images into one another as a short film, a changing photograph, in order to take along the viewer in the gradualness, beauty, and the awareness of the change.

Enclosed are small fragments of the film (better said: changing photograph)

Fragment 01 – Mastectomy

Fragment 02 – Radiation

Fragment 03 – Healing process

Fragment 04 – Tattooing the nipple (first section)