In ‘Transition’ I investigate the questions I have about the finiteness of life and how we deal with it. This project originated in my coping with and acceptance of my father’s death. ‘Transition’ is about the transformation from life to death of a person, the process of letting go and of finding a way to include a deceased in one’s life.

I provide insight into this process by photographing all the gifts that have been left at my father’s grave in the first two and a half years after his death. A time in which we as a family where trying to find a way of coping with his death. A period in our mourning process. Rituals such as a visit to the grave are a way for the next of kin to include the deceased in their lives. Moreover, it helps one to transform a person who used to be very close into a distant figure.

I see the gifts as metaphors for the connection between the deceased and the bereaved. With this abstract and recurring form I want to visualize this grieving process by only showing its essence. Isolating these items and taking them out of their original context creates an almost schematic and essentialized representation of personal loss. The personal, intimate stories which are bound up with these items are laid bare.

The decay of these objects shows a change, namely the transience which accompanies time. The slow process of decay goes together with the process of letting go. It symbolizes the circle of life. The objects will, like the body, return to dust. What remains is the memory.

Enclosed is a selection of 124 photographs.